Masaya Volcano National Park

Masaya Volcano & Artisan Market Night Tour


We will take you on a 30-minute ride through the beautiful countryside of the “Pueblos Blancos,” (white villages), to the Volcano Masaya National Park. This is the only volcano in the western hemisphere where one can drive directly to the rim!
During our ascent to the summit of Volcano Masaya, we will briefly visit the Museum of Volcanology. Upon reaching the summit you will peer into the volcano’s “Mouth of Hell,” (as the crater was dubbed by Friar Francisco de Bobadilla in 1529). The Volcano’s eruption in 4550 BC was one of the largest on Earth in the last 10,000 years! Since first described by the Spanish in 1524, 19 eruptions have been documented. The Volcano Masaya has been frequently active since the time of the Spanish Conquistadors when an active lava lake prompted attempts by the Spanish to extract the volcano’s molten “gold!”

At El Mercado Antiguo de Masaya, (Old Masaya Market), you may stroll at your leisure through the restored 19th-century open-air Artisans’ Market.  Discover a treasure trove of native handicrafts, including handcrafted wooden bowls, carvings, leather goods, artwork, jewelry, embroidered clothing, colorful hammocks, and other Nicaraguan souvenirs.  Refreshments on the road and Lunch are not included in the price of the tour.

Duration: 4 hours

Tour includes Transportation from Hacienda Puerta del Cielo to Masaya Volcano National Park, entrance fees to National Park and visits to Masaya’s Art & Craft Center (Mercado Antiguo).  

Departs by:  3:00 PM returns about 7:00 PM.  Lunch away.  (Please note that the cost of food and drinks are not included in the price of any of our excursions).

Cost:  US$139.00/one person touring alone;  US$89.00/per person (in a tour group of 2);  US$79.00/per person (in a tour group of 3 or more)


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