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Relax with our Spa Packages while you contemplate mother nature at its best!

Hacienda Puerta del Cielo offers Massages which combine Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Swedish and Hot Stone therapies. We also offer Full-Body Exfoliation, Body Wraps, Fruit Masks, as well as, Aroma Therapy.  For your convenience, we have designed a Spa Menu which groups some of these treatments together for your enjoyment!  You could also create your own custom Spa Package, (please select a minimum of 3 spa services).  All Spa Services are provided on an individual basis, (we do not offer “couple’s massages”).

 72-hour advance reservation is required for all Spa Services.  Massages and Spa Treatments are conducted in each Guest’s Private Casita or al fresco on their Private Deck.  


Spa appointments are offered from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM every day of the week by appointment only.  Please note that most guests book their spa services weeks in advance.  To avoid disappointment and reserve your preferred Spa Treatment, please email your appointment request, as soon as possible, to Linda at info@haciendapuertadelcielo.com.

Please note there is a 50% fee for Spa Service cancellations made with less than 24 hour advance notice.


                                                              RELAX  PACKAGE                  $ 129 USD

    • Massage (50 minutes) : Combination of Deep tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone & Shiatsu.
    • Body wrap with body exfoliation (50 minutes).
    • Aroma Therapy.
    • Please note:  Our Spa Services are provided on an individual basis, (we do not offer “couple’s massages).


 RESTORE  PACKAGE            $ 109 USD

  • Massage (50 minutes) : Combination of Deep tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone & Shiatsu.
  • Natural Facial Mask made with bananas, papaya or other natural fruits. (50 minutes)
  • Aroma Therapy.
    • Please note:  Our Spa Services are provided on an individual basis, (we do not offer “couple’s massages).





Massage   $ 59 USD

Our relaxing 50 minute full body massage will leave you rejuvenated!   (Hot Stone and Aroma therapy available for an additional fee).  Please note that we do not offer “couple’s massages.”

Massage + Hot Stone Therapy   $ 79 USD

Our relaxing 50 minute full body massage combined with our Hot Stone Therapy will leave your body relaxed!   

Massage + Hot Stone + Aroma Therapy   $ 89 USD

Our relaxing 50 minute full body massage combined with our Hot Stone and Aroma Therapy is the complete relaxation for body and soul!

Facial     $ 59 USD

Facial Mask made with tropical fruits combined with a reinvigorating massage! Duration: 50 minutes.

Body Wrap/Exfoliation  $ 89 USD

Our relaxing full body wrap with body exfoliation combination will leave you rejuvenated! Duration: 50 minutes

Finish Sauna (Unavailable during dry season) $ 29 USD

Our wood burning Sauna produces soft heat and steam, this combined with the crackle of the wood burning fire will give you and unforgettable experience!  Duration: 15-20 minutes.  Sorry to dissapoint, but due to our proximity to the protected National Park and Wildlife Refuge, our wood burning Sauna cannot be ignited at this time.



Please read these important rules and health advisories before using the Sauna:


  • Do not use the sauna if you have cardiovascular disease, weak adrenals, lupus, multiple sclerosis, a recent acute injury, infections, silicone/metal implants; or if you are pregnant, attempting pregnancy, prone to hemorrhage, using alcohol or any medications (including colonics and diuretics). Please consult your doctor before beginning a Sauna regimen.
  • It is best to fast for at least 1 hour and hydrate well before beginning your Sauna session.
  • The Sauna can be dangerous for Children. Children are forbidden from using the Sauna.
  • Do not wear jewelry in the Sauna, as it will become hot and burn you.
  • You will be provided with 2 towels, a pair of flip-flops and a liter of water before you begin.
  • Please remove your street shoes & clothing and use your bathing suit. Use the provided flip-flops inside the Sauna.
  • Rinse yourself off under the outdoor shower before entering the sauna.
  • Place one of the provided towels between your body and the bench.
  • Do not pour liquid into or spit on the sauna.
  • Limit your exposure to 15 minutes at one time; you may take a 5 minute break & re-enter.
  • Drink water during your 5 minute break.
  • To prevent heat loss in the Sauna, close the door quickly upon exiting.
  • Please exit the sauna and remain on the outside bench for 15 minutes if you begin to feel faint, dizzy, nauseous; or if you experience any change in blood pressure, swelling of your hands and feet, or if you have stopped sweating.
  • Extreme heat lowers blood pressure, so please be cautious of dizziness as you get up to leave.
  • When you are finished with your session, remain on the outside bench for 15 minutes and use the shower and a towel to cool down. Drink water before you resume any other activities.
  •  Hacienda Puerta del Cielo does not assume any responsibility or risk for your use of the Sauna services and this health advisory does not constitute medical advice.



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