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Our massages pavillion at Hacienda Puerta del Cielo Ecolodge & Spa Spa packages at Hacienda Puerta del Cielo in Nicaragua Our Spa services

* Please read the precautions and health risks associated with the use of a Sauna!

*RESTORE at Puerta del Cielo - 2 hrs. (J30)

$ 119 USD


Massage - 1 hr. (J175)(A15)

Our relaxing full body massage combination will leave you rejuvenated!


$  55 USD
$  19 USD

Finnish Sauna * 15-20 Min.

Our wood burning Sauna produces soft heat and steam, this combined with the crackle of the wood burning fire will give you and unforgettable experience!

Duration: 15 minutes.                      

Our Spa offers massages which are a combination of deep tissue, relaxation, Swedish and hot stones). We also offer; body exfoliation, Body wraps and Fruit masks, as well as alternative therapies including: Reflexology, Chinese cupping and Aroma therapy.

For your convenience, we at Hacienda Puerta del Cielo Eco Spa have designed a Spa Menu that groups some of these treatments together for your enjoyment!

You could also create your own package with the services you desire (please select a minimum of 3 spa services)

* A minimum of two day advance Reservation is required for these packages.  These    treatments are conducted on your own Casita.  Massages required 24 hr. notice!


  Our Spa opens from 9:00 - 11:30 AM and from 2:30 - 4:30 PM

Mondays through Sundays.

Our Spa Services

*RELAX at Puerta del Cielo - 2.5 hrs. (J33)  

$ 129 USD

Facial - 1 hr. (J20)(A175)

Facial Mask made with tropical fruits combined with a reinvigorating massage


$  59 USD

Body Wrap with exfoliation - 1 hr. (J20)(A175)

Our relaxing full body wrap with body exfoliation combination will leave you rejuvenated!


$  79 USD

Reflexology - 45 Minutes. (A15)

A relaxing foot massage applying reflexology techniques that will leave you walking in the clouds!


$  49 USD