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Mombacho Cloud Forest,  &         San Juan de Oriente.                                                
Crater Volcano Masaya Cross at Volcan Masaya
   Volcan Masaya National  Park &  the Arts and Crafts            Center of  Masaya &                     Catarina
    Spanish Colonial City of   Granada & Isletas of Lake                Nicaragua.

                                                                     TOURS AND ACTIVITIES

Our Tours and Activities has been specially designed for our Guests.  We owned and maintained our van and make sure that is always in safe condition to transport our Guest.

                             TOURS                                                          PRICES  

           San Juan de Oriente  (6 hrs):                (1 person) $ 149 USD , (2 persons) $ 99 pp, (3+ persons) $ 89 pp.

           & San Juan de Oriente (6 hrs):                    (1 person) $ 159 USD , (2 persons) $ 109 pp, (3+ persons) $ 99 pp.

           Catarina (6 hrs):                                      (1 person)  $ 149 USD,  (2 persons) $ 99 pp, (3+persons)  $ 89 pp.

  Recommended gear for all these tours: walking or hiking shoes, light clothing, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, hat and drinking water.

The Spanish Colonial city of Granada ** was founded in 1524 by the Conquistador Hernandez de Cordoba and is thought to be the oldest European settlement on the American continent. Picturesque and colorful, Granada is the home of many fine examples of restored colonial-era architecture, and is the hub of Nicaraguan tourism.  We will take a short ride to the Isleta’s of Lake Nicaragua where we will take a leisurely boat tour.  The Isletas were formed twenty thousand years ago, when neighboring Volcan Mombacho exploded creating an archipelago of 365 tiny lava rock islands in Lake Nicaragua. Tranquil and exotic, the Isletas are home to many different species of birds, reptiles and flowering plants.

We will return to Granada for a well deserve lunch at the Parque Central.  After lunch, we will take a step back in time to ride a horse-drawn carriage around the Plaza Central and the old city streets that dates back to the time of the Spanish conquest, finishing at the Convento de San Francisco, a Church, former Convent and Museum, where we will explore its vast exposition of pre-Columbian statues and pottery.

Tour includes: Land and Boat transportation (Granada), horse carriage (Granada), entrance fees to monuments and Museum. Lunch not included!. This is a guided tour.

Mombacho Cloud Forest Reserve ** at 1344 meters above sea level, is considered to be Latin America’s most spectacular Cloud Forest. Boasting over 800 species of plants, 174 species of birds and 30 species of reptiles, “El Mombacho” is a nature lover’s dream where you will find a misty, 2,500-acre, protected reserve, filled with colorful birds, tree frogs, butterflies, orchids, bromeliads, and many other exotic species of flora and fauna. Popular with tourists are two species of wildlife which only exist in this cloud forest; the Mombacho Salamander and the Mombacho butterfly. The numerous, well-maintained nature trails are easy to manage and trail lengths are posted.

Lunch not included.

Mombacho Cloud Forest & Canopy Tour: After your visit to the Cloud Forest, we will proceed onto the Canopy Tour where you will soar through the forest treetops and see jungle life from a new perspective. Your certified expert English speaking guides will assist and explain what’s going on around you from the time you leave the ground until you descend back down to the forest floor. Lunch not included.

Clothing Suggestion: Due to the elevation and misty conditions at the summit, you may need a light sweater or jacket. Closed, comfortable walking/hiking shoes are essential and, as always, mosquito repellent is recommended.

Tour includes: Land transportation, entrance fees at the different activities, English speaking tour guide provided with Canopy addition. The Mombacho Cloud Forest & San Juan de Oriente is a guided tour.

We will take you on a 30 minute ride through the beautiful countryside of the “Pueblos Blancos,” (white villages), to the Volcano Masaya National Park **. This is the only volcano in the western hemisphere where one can drive directly to the rim!.  

Upon reaching the summit you will disembark and have an opportunity to explore the National Park . If you dare, and if conditions allow, you may be able to peer into the volcano’s “mouth of hell,” (as the crater was dubbed by Friar Francisco de Bobadilla in 1529). The Volcano’s eruption in 4550 BC was one of the largest on Earth in the last 10,000 years! Since first described by the Spanish in 1524, 19 eruptions have been documented.  The Volcano Masaya has been frequently active since the time of the Spanish Conquistadors, when an active lava lake prompted attempts by the Spanish to extract the volcano's molten "gold!"

For the second part of this tour, you will re-board the van, sit back and enjoy the surrounding countryside on your way to the picturesque town of Masaya, the cradle of folklore of Nicaragua.

Upon arrival at the Mercado Antiguo de Masaya, (Old Masaya Market), you will be free to stroll at your leisure through this restored 19th century open-air artisan’s market.  Here you will discover a treasure trove of native handicrafts; such as embroidered blouses, handmade jewelry, primitive ceramics, carved leather goods, wooden rocking chairs and colorful hammocks, which can be wrapped for airline check-in. After your adventure, we will visit  Catarina’s Mirador and Arts and Crafts Market (a small little town at the top of a mountain with a beautiful lookout), where you will be able to stroll at your leisure and enjoy a true Nicaraguan lunch (Not included)!

Tour includes: Land transportation and entrance fees to National Park.  This is a guided tour.

Mombacho Cloud Forest, Canopy Tour  &  San Juan de                  Oriente.                                                
canopy tour Mombacho Cloud Forest

** To participate on these organized tours, a waiver has to be signed at the Hacienda.  You can read it HERE!

Our tour of Granada Central Park

Gratuities would be appreciated  by you Guide!